3 February 2012

StarWars in 3D

I was never a StarWars fan when I was growing up.  It just didn't appeal to me back then.  I had my bike with the banana seat & sissy bar and way too much energy.  Plus my parents didn't go to watch movies so I just hung out with my buddies, who also didn't like StarWars.

Fast forward 30+ years with StarWars becoming huge again.  For Christmas I got a BluRay player and the StarWars collection.  With my 2 young sons loving everything StarWars, they are trying to enlightened me on the 'Force' and the 'Dark Side'.  I can't figure out who most of the characters are and what's up with all the guys in white helmets.  Clone troopers, storm troopers HUH?  Just tell me which team everyone plays for!

The other day I offered to take my family to see the re-release of Episode 1.  I know the boys will love it and maybe seeing it without interuptions on the big screen in 3D will clear things up for me.

I think I'm getting old. Should have watched StarWars in 1977 like everyone else.
May the Force be with you...I think that's good, isn't it?

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