6 April 2015

Is it just me...

Is it just me or do guys with white framed sunglasses look like total douches? I bet they look awesome with a pair of duck lips...puke

Is it just me or are men's razors the biggest rip-off ever? They're so expensive and all the beard hair gets clogged in between the 16 blades these things have nowadays and never seems to get out.

Is it just me or are Big Macs getting smaller and smaller? Pretty soon they'll be included in a Happy Meal with the junky toy that looks pretty good until you get it out of the package.

Is it just me or does the gas level shown on the bottom half of the gas gauge go faster than the top half? Who cares, all of it goes way too fast.

Is it just me or was Breaking Bad the best show ever? Sorry Walking Dead, zombies are cool but I'll have to go with Heisenberg and his awesome hat!

Is it just me or is golf the world's most boring sport to watch? Oh wait, how about synchronized swimming and cricket and tennis and...