2 February 2012

Welcome to my blog

When I lived in Malaysia awhile back I was asked by a friend to visit a Buddhist Temple.  Being from Canada and brought up Catholic, I was a little apprehensive at first.  I knew absolutely nothing about Buddhism except one of my favourite music CD's was Smilin' Buddha Cabaret by 54-40 and had a very happy Buddha on the cover.

Once we drove closer I could see the distinct shape of the temple nestled amongst some residential homes. It was beautiful, surrounded by lush trees and the most incredible plants.  As I entered the temple, the sweet smell of burning incense and the sight of a large gold Buddha gave me a complete sense of serenity. I then noticed a few Monks walking quietly around and I couldn't help but follow their every step. It was the most amazing experience I had known.

When I came back to Canada I deeply missed Malaysia.  It was my home for 2 years.  With my interest in Buddhism still peaked, I read books and took a meditation course.  But over the years, my differing interests slowly pushed Buddhism out of my life.

Recently I found one of my books on Buddhism mixed in with a stack of old things. Almost very night when my kids are asleep I turn on my tiny headlamp and start to rekindle my interest in Buddhism a few pages at a time.

I will be posting about all kinds of things I enjoy watching, eating, doing etc. not just Buddhism stuff.

Cheers !

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